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Alternate Proof

The following are also acceptable as proof of identity:

*Naturalization Certificate

*INS Alien resident card

*Expired driver's license (In addition to current one, issued less than 6 months ago).

If one of the above is also not available, you would need a blood relative over age 18 with a valid driver's license issued more than six months or a valid US Passport to identify you. In addition, you would need to submit four to six from the following Signature/ID:

* Previous U.S. Passport - if it was issued when you were over 12

* Military ID

* Work ID

* Student ID

* Merchant Marines card

* Pilot or flight attendant ID

* Social Security Card

* Credit card

* Bank card

*Library card

*Learner's permit

*Insurance/Medicaid card with signature

*Copy of signed tax return

*WIC ID card

*Expired driver's license

*Union membership cards

*Welfare/Medicaid/Medicare IDs

*Professional license cards

*Mortgage, lease or rental with signature

*School or college transcripts or yearbooks showing school, date, and name with photo

*Voter's registration card

*Newspaper articles showing your name and/or photo

If none of these documents are available please call 718-387-5441 or e-mail us.

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