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1) Complete and Print the Application Forms (DS-11 and DS-64)

Click here to complete the application forms online

Please note: handwritten applications are not accepted. Application have to be created online only, and printed single sided.

Do not sign the DS-11 and DS-64 form until you are instructed to during step 9.

2)Proof of U.S. Citizenship

You must provide an official copy of ONE of the following documents:

If you were born in the United States :

Original Birth Certificate issued by city, county or state

Previous U.S. Passport

If you were born outside the United States, click here to see your options.

3)Proof of Identity

You must provide one of the following documents:

Copy of current, valid Driver's License with Photo (must be issued greater than 6 months ago)

If the above mentioned Driver's License isn't available, then you need to supply an alternate Proof of Identity.


4)Passport Photographs

You must provide two identical passport photos that meet Passport Photograph Regulations.


5)Letter of Authorization

Print and fill out 2 Passport Authorization Letters.


6)Proof of Departure

You must provide a copy of ONE of the following:

your foreign travel plane ticket or itinerary

If you are driving, provide your hotel reservation

If this is a business trip, you may present a business letter from your employer


7) Fees

Government Fees

Be prepared to make a personal check or Money Order for $190 payable to U.S. Department of State, and $35 to the post office or court house.

Our Fees

Our Service Fee is $399.

For return shipping Fee, choose one of the following

       * $30 for overnight shipping
       * A prepaid filled in airbill from FedEx or UPS
       * Use Your FedEx Account Number
       * Pickup in person

If you're paying by money order, please make it payable to "Deluxe Passport Express".

If you're paying by credit card, please make sure you entered your credit card information on the Service Order Form (See Below).


8) Service Order Form

Complete the Service Order Form. Print a copy and send it along with rest of the documents to Deluxe Passport Express.




Prior to authorization, verify that you have collected the following documents:

1. Application Form DS-11

2. Application Form DS-64

3. Proof of Citizenship

4. Proof of Identity

5. Two Passport Photographs

6. Passport Authorization Letter

7. Travel Documentation

8. Government Fees

You must appear in person at a post office or court house and present the original documents to an acceptance agent which is authorized to accept passport applications. The acceptance agent is needed to witness the signing of your applications for the passport.

Notify the clerk you are using an expediting service to "hand carry" your application. Most facilities are open M-F, 9:30am to 3:30pm.

The clerk will ask you to sign the DS-11 and DS-64.

The clerk will then seal the application forms, photos, proof of citizenship, ID, travel documents, authorization letter and the $190 check in an envelope marked "To be Opened by U.S. Passport Office Only".

Important: Make sure the clerk returns the sealed envelope to you.

Do not open this sealed envelope or the application will be invalid.


Visit one of our walk-in offices, or ship the following via FedEx/UPS:

Sealed Government Envelope
Passport Authorization Letter
Service order form

All signed documents must have the original signature.

Call us at 718-387-5441 to indicate that you're processing an Expedited Passport. Overnight it to Deluxe Passport Express, 57 Lee Ave, Brooklyn NY 11211. Our office hours are Monday through Thursday 9:00am to 6:00 pm and Friday from 9:00am to 1:00 pm EST.

Please have your documents when calling so we can review them with you prior to shipping.

We strongly recommend that you send your documents via FedEx overnight


Extensive step- by-step instructions, information and application forms for all your US Passport and travel visa needs.

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Get the latest travel news,articles,alerts,
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